We all want to look our best in pictures but sometimes the camera just doesn't cooperate! With modern photo editing techniques your lackluster photos can be turned into drop-dead-gorgeous shots you'll be anxious to show off. Browse our packages below for one that will suit your needs*. You'll need to provide us with the digital image in 300 dpi or 300 ppi, which is the standard for most digital cameras. Pictures taken by a professional photographer with a logo visible on the image will need to come with a copyright release. Once our editing is complete, a copyright release from Charming Silver Designs will be provided if it is needed for your local photo lab. We only edit and e-mail you the enhanced digital picture. We do not print and ship! Directions on how to locate a professional printer can be furnished by request.

*Please note: Our services are for photo enhancement, meaning we work with what is already in the picture to make the overall image more appealing to the eye. We do not switch out heads or add other people in. There are some miracles we cannot accomplish and you will be notified of any requests we cannot fill before editing begins. Contact a photo re-worker at one of your local advertising agencies if you need extensive photo work done.


You are purchasing photo enhancements done by hand in photoshop specifically for the image you provide us. These are not photoshop actions. We do not write or sell actions.

Quick Fix: $5 per image
A quick facial belmish touch up and color enhancement of a photo
sized 8x10 or smaller for print. Perfect for baby pictures, prom,
bridal and engagement photos. For personal use only. (Approved for scrapping with.)

Basic Package: $35 per image
*Skin Blemish Touch-Up/Removal
*Teeth Whitening
*Lighting Color & Balance Enhancement
*Stains, spots or other minor flaws removed from clothes

Original Basic Package

The Works: $85 per image
*Advanced Skin Touch-Up & Makeup Enhancement for Women
*Eye Brightening
*Teeth Whitening
*Lighting Color & Balance Enhancement
*Stains, spots or other minor flaws removed from clothes
*Fly-aways Minimized (or eliminated if individual photo permits)

Original The Works

Tay's Custom Toning: Add Additional $15 to the Package Price per image

*Provides one custom finish and any additional enhancements necessary to contribute to the desired photo effect. These include but are not limited to: background blurring, vignette and fashionable color tinting. Select from the finishes below or provide an example of one you'd like to replicate.

Original Extra Bright Finish

Vintage Pink Tay's Beachy Finish

Half Black & White Black & Whitest

Vintage Photo Vintage Portrait

Sunset Bronze Chocolate Tone



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